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Hey, I’m Sara. To break it down I’m just a woman trying to share my dad’s music with as many people as possible. I’m 35 and life is too damn short not to share talent and your unique voice and experience with whomever wants to listen or could be inspired by you, and no one can get the chance to listen if those thoughts and creations just sit in your head or in your closet (let that thought set in for a minute....).

While I was on a mission about 6 years ago to really get my dad’s music “out there,” I had my first amazing child, Theo, and life kind of was put on hold… for good reasons! Then, I had another amazing child, Ollie. During that time I lost my mother, Sharon May, and my dad lost his wife of 33 years. He has since retired and moved in with my husband and family in Upstate New York. We are a quirky little family with 3 tiny dogs, a fish, and lots of adventure. 

With all of that said, we are currently working on our 4th album, “Break of Dawn.” This album has been 4 years in the making (maybe 5 when it is all said and done). We hope that you will follow us on Youtube @SaraCrabtreeMusic to hear new songs, acoustic sessions, chats/vlogs and more.

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