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Country Rock meets City Pop in positive, passionate, original music. 


I am a singer first and foremost. That’s how I identify myself. It is a part of who I am. I am a singer of my father’s music. My dad writes amazing music and I have to sing it. It’s that simple. Together we are on a journey to share our music with others to impact lives. We are creators. We are dreamers. We are writers. We are musicians. We are driven. We are passionate. We are determined to make our dreams a reality.


Here’s a little "official" bio:


Sara Crabtree is an accomplished singer/songwriter in the Country, Rock, Pop, and Christian music genres. Sara co-writes all of her songs with her father, George Crabtree, who has been an unparalleled mentor and role model in her life. Their music is inspired by love, family, and life experience. Sara has been performing and writing since she was 13 years old, recording her first CD in high school. Her recently released CD, "In the Middle of the Crowd," is an uplifting musical journey enhanced by beautiful vocals and touching lyrics. She plans on releasing her first country pop rock album this year so stay tuned! 

Sara is empowered to bring hope and inspiration to all those who listen to her music. Sara and her father’s lyrics are deeply heartfelt creating a lasting impression that resonates with all of their fans creating a yearning to hear more and more. Sara aims to combine the continued accomplishments of her music with her own publishing company and recording studio to help inspire others.  

Currently, Sara holds Bachelors of Arts Degree in Popular Music at Palm Beach Atlantic University and oddly enough, a Master's Degree In Currirulum and Instruction. In addition to music, she enjoys spending her time cooking, baking, scrap booking, reading, golfing, tanning, and working out. She also dedicates time to mentoring youth. Sara Crabtree fuses her creative talents into activities that give a piece of her heart to everything she touches. 

Her musical influences include Margaret Becker, Jennifer Knapp, Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman, Sinned O'Connor, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry among others. 


This is MY take on things: 


I was born in Maine, but moved to Florida with my family when I was in high school. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Music. I went to school to be a rock star and ended up studying classical voice. After college I decided to get married to this awesome guy. He is my best friend. We have animal children, Lily, our mini-dachshund, and Khaleesi (G.O.T. anyone?), our extra skinny tall cat. They tend to grace Twitter and Facebook a lot. I also almost have my Masters in Education. Oddly enough, I teach reading and work at a restaurant to make the $ to make this music obession become a full time job!!!  I love my parents; they are my favorite people to hang out with.


I play guitar. I have recorded 3 albums and I am working on my first country/rock/pop album.


Some MORE Random things:


I love games like Settlers of Catan and Rivals for Catan #nerdtothemax

I love puzzles. 

I am a Disney fanatic.

I really like the original Star Treks. 

I am an aunt.

I married my childhood bestfriend’s brother in law and now my best friend and I are related! 

I am obsessed with food, healthy or otherwise.

Eating may be my favorite pass-time.

I thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking.

I am enthralled with music technology particularly protools and new microphones.

I love Gibson guitars.

I have a rather large tattoo on my back of the Gibson Hummingbird pick guard design... that is how much i heart Gibson.

I could eat pasta every day, but I don't because it makes me fat. :( 

I enjoy reading! A few of my favorites are The Circle Series by Ted Dekker, Enders Game by Orson Scott Card, Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Oath by Frank Peretti, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Harry Potter series and ashamedly I enjoyed the entire Twilight Saga by Stephanie Myers. This is just to name a few.

I am a teacher. I teach some crazy kids at a crazy school. And even though I am a musician and singer, I teach reading and throw in a lot of "life skills" lessons. 

I have two dachshunds, the best dogs ever, Lily and Luna. You can follow them on instagram at 

I love to talk to people so please tweet me or email me or something!!! :) 


AND As I get weirder I will let you know!


Thanks for reading! 



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