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The SCMJourney 







1. an act of traveling from one place to another.


Here's the idea: Life is a journey. But you get to choose where you end up and how you get there. I choose music.


What is your dream? What has your journey been like to get there?


It's bigger than Joining an email list. Joining the SCMJourney means you will be able to share your journey and dreams with me and other dreamers, connect with me, get updates, receive promotions and free tracks, and in a way, be a part of a group of fans and friends that are involved in this crazy adventure!


You guys are invaluable; your journey and your involvement in mine is priceless. And YOU are the ones who make this music happen with your friendship, shares, and likes. 


My goal is to create outstanding music for you to enjoy, connect with, and have fun listenting to!!! If I didn't have you, I'd just be a closet musician!


I hope you join me in this amazing journey. 



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