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Sara Crabtree Music Publishing is a Sole Proprietorship owned by Sara Crabtree.


We are not currently taking clients at the SCM publishing company.


However, if you are interested in how to further advance your music career please contact us at: and check out our blog!

Sara Crabtree is the artist and business owner of Sara Crabtree Music. She was classically trained at Palm Beach Atlantic University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in music. She currently holds her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in English Education. Sara is a self taught business owner who has sought and continues to seek the counsel of other entreprenures and business professionals.

George Crabree is the staff writer at Sara Crabtree Music. While George is indeed Sara's father, he is the sole writer of her music. Sara collaborates with him with song concepts and revisions of works. George has been writing for 40 years since he got his first guitar. He contributes sounds from the 80's to today into his music. He is a lyricist and a talented musician who enjoys the craft of songwriting and working with his daughter.

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